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Could you tell me what is the model number do you have? Dr Muhammad Irfan Tahir. I would like to know the model of the device as well…. They are charging high by offering not only low bandwidths. If you had seen that plan you would have known they were supposed to cover 5 major cities completely in 6 months time.

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Inclusive of tax means that it wont deduct the subscription charges etc. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to telenor usb modem the functionality of this website.

I can download MB file just an hour brother. As mentioned above, both the devices come with two months telenor usb modem free trial with a data limit of 20GB and 30GB per month respectively.

Telenor Announces USB Devices with up to 30GB Data Limit and Two Months of Free Trials

I have huawei E wifi telenor usb modem device isit Compatible with telenor 3gUsbdata package. It is a mode, and play device; which, as soon as it is connected to your machine it automatically installs the drivers, and starts working flawlessly. Then activate any prepaid Warid Internet package and enjoy! Im doing the same on warid!

Telenor 3G Mobile Wifi is a high-speed USB internet modem, providing you blazing speeds on telenor usb modem go; it can be used with laptops and even with your desktops. As mentioned above, both the devices come with two months of free trial with a data limit of 20GB and 30GB per month respectively. You misguided a lot of people: Deduction is implented on Voice sims as there is telenor usb modem tax on Bundles. teelenor


All sim based wingle has the same trouble. I dont know abt model number but it supports 21Mbps maximum speed. I just only used hardly up to 3GB from trail of 1st month, my internet telenor usb modem was finished in just only 10 days. Btw can we get data sims only for an iPad? Model No telenor usb modem Wingle is: However, without any telemor, on defalt rate consume Rs.

Telenor Brings 3G Dongles With Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles

That really suck then: Non wifi dongle is worth rupees. Will I get to experience the trial then?

Bilkul use ho sakti hai. While good to know that Telenor has started the 3G bundle game now for everyone commercial use. Yr muge ye bato k jahan 3g nai hai telenar ki. After trial period ends, customers can modme following data telenor usb modem.

Telenor Brings 3G Dongles With Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles

Telenor said that its 3G enabled USB Dongles provide flexibility, value for money and the assurance of no hidden charges, that is no extra taxes or anything other than the advertised tariffs. I presume it can easily be unlocked. Where can I buy Telenor 4G Mobile broadband device from? In this way the Connect packages telenor usb modem costly.


With all due respect sir…. Search on the internet, you will find a thousand ways to unlock it. I want to buy used Dongle any body have? You can buy your Telenor 3G Dongle and activate any one of Telenor device packages designed especially to give you seamless connectivity. telenor usb modem

3g USb modem with wifi router for zong jazz ufone telenor sim

You can buy a dongle or cloud device from computer market and use telenor sim in it. And also, where did i mention that telenor is better??! Telenor usb modem who has not used it then they should first try it then they should talk here otherwise i would request them not to confuse others like they are thereself. Good low rate unlimited kinda packages expected telenor usb modem them.