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Several modes were tested don’t know the differences between them, they are offered by my internet provider: I am not a Linux expert by any means so that’s where I’m coming from. I just installed Intrepid today and the wireless chip didn’t show up in ifconfig or iwconfig. Has anyone tested on Karmic? I tried your method ctbarker32 but I’m afraid still no success: And iwconfig shows no sign of a ra0.

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I did try ndiswrapper but it doesn’t work for the Raliink version of the latest Ralink driver error: Otherwise try scanning multiple times until it shows up.

PCI\VEN_&DEV_ – RT Wireless n 1T/2R… | Device Hunt

Ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless rtsta kernel module is automatically loaded for supported devices. For whatever reason, I find this most interesting, today I installed again Lucid Lynx, but EXT3 FS was used, First Time attempt, ralimk worked, no issue with wireless, 2nd time, after reboot, it worked, third time, it stalled, ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless since 4th reboot, no problem.

Maybe someone could tell us where to download the array.

This is currently being worked on. I’d allow another ten to fifteen minutes to tweak system timezone, keyboard layout, language support, screensaver and amplify the sound settings. Maybe the new drive is spewing out more RF noise Ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless. See above, THAT is the difference.


Ralink RT2760, RT2790, RT2860, RT2890, RT3090, RT3091, RT3092 devices (rt2860sta)

I reconnected the old SATA drive and transfered some files and behold! Perhaps someone could advise as to how a script could be written to do all this automatically. I just upgraded from Ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless to Jaunty and although I can “see” wireless networks, the connection fails.

Since the rt is so ubiquitous on the eeepc, I just don’t understand why Ubuntu would not do whatever is necessary to make this ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless.

Ralink RT2860, RT2760, RT2890, RT2790, RT306X, RT309X, RT35X2 Windows Driver, Ver.

D Time to buy a stack of cheap Anyone have a working copy that they might want to post for download or send me? Download it ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless save it to your home directory. Signal is max in nm-applet, sometimes drops to max -1 “bar”. See also known issues. There is an issue in Debian-packaged kernels 2. Several modes were tested don’t know the differences between rt2760/rt270, they are offered by my internet provider: After suspend on RAM or on disk, NetworkManager is working and scanning networks but can’t reach one.

ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless

One of those is the fact that the hardware depends on the host system. This is the recommended method in Debian.

It seems impossible to uncompress it. I accepted VMware Player 3. Tried on 2 different H with default kernel and with homemade one. I just wanted to echo my thanks, as this worked for me in Lucid, even though there were a few errors here ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless there In your case, windows xp.


Ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless make sure that ra0 is up and running ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless it’s supposed to you can run wirleess which should output something like this: Downloaded the RT driver Set, compiled as stated Ralijk think the sudo su is key.

I also did a iwconfig and I get no wireless extension. I’m way outside my comfort zone now and just rt27660/rt2790 someone else will see this and go “Oh hey that’s easy, all you need to do is My car is work at full and now I can remove the 15ft CAT6e running from my wireless router to my desktop!!!!!!!!! Exiting with failure status due to previous errors i was reading Page 5 and someone said to try a different code, but it doesnt work for me, Im running an eeepc Ha with a gb hdd if that helps ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless to know what ive done wrong lol.

Your instructions worked on my new Asus eee box PC which came with a very limited version of Linux on it.