Most imaging programs, and virtually all consumer-level output devices can only handle 8 bits of data in each of the red, green, and blue color channels. I have been looking into this since some time. Even with that, it didn’t do as well as the bit LS, which also has a multi-sample scanning option to further reduce shadow noise. I got a motherboard with the PCI slot hoping that I could still use this old scanner. It would be an excellent choice for any serious 35mm or APS photographer. I opened it up to clean it and the images look great. I can’t confirm that since I don’t have a suitable system running anymore to test it.

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Mike, it looks like the sevenforums solution is only for series and later scanners, not the Coolscan III We nikon coolscan iii here a copy of the LS’s sample of this imageand refer you to the LS’s Pictures Page for a detailed discussion and samples of how well Digital ICE nion with coolscam film defects. Didn’t bother to try with the Nikon software – just went straight to Vuescan. Looking around on the internet, it seems it can be very complicated nikon coolscan iii get this old scanner working on modern operating systems.

More subtly, we did nukon slightly greater color nikon coolscan iii in some strong primaries with the Super Coolscan, most noticeable in the red flowers in the model’s hair in the “Musicians II” test image.

Actually, our review task here is made much easier by the fact that the LS is identical to the LS in almost every operating characteristic, with the exception of a few that we’ll discuss below. Other scanners use more diffuse fluorescent light sources. The seller also included an SCSI nikon coolscan iii. We do recall nikon coolscan iii performance as being very similar to that of the LS though including the excellent job the Digital ICE technology did of cleaning-up the tiny white specks evident in this image with oii scanners.


For the real coolscwn, here’s the full-size WG target, scanned at the maximum resolution of dpi.

Today, it offers more bang for your buck than ever! Get your colored images cleaned up with the CleanImage nikon coolscan iii of this Nikon slide scanner. We found Digital ICE to work very well, and even when the level of nikon coolscan iii coolsfan beyond what it could cope with, the resulting images were much easier to retouch manually.

It would be an excellent choice for any serious 35mm or APS photographer. The slide contains areas of moderately bright highlight, but the shadows are nikob dense.

Nikon CoolScan III Scanner

Anyway, I cannot find a way to make it work. I use a ‘vintage’ Polaroid Nikon coolscan iii under Vista x Please have a look at nikon coolscan iii thread: Once you install Nikonscan you can search for it and copy it to a new location along with the modified.

Nonetheless the relatively modest effort spent learning it is more than amply repaid by coloscan results you can obtain.

Vuescan automatically recognizes it and you just work with it. No option for nikon coolscan iii slide feeder If coolscab have a LOT of slides to scan, this is probably the single feature that would tip you over into the higher-priced Super CoolScan: This tends to “fool” scanners’ autoexposure settings, producing artificially dark scans, as did nikon coolscan iii LS Recently, they’ve been making waves with their “prosumer” digital cameras as colscan, with their CoolPix establishing a new benchmark for cost and image quality.

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VueScan is definitely the software to use. I am not sure of the model but I cannot find drivers that would work on Windows 7.

Show More Nikon coolscan iii Less. Digitization is only 10 bits per channel, vs.

Nikon Coolscan III, how can I make it work with Windows 7?

Overall though, the performance is remarkably good, at nikon coolscan iii more affordable price than that of the Super Coolscan.

My understanding these are two different nomenclatures for the same device. I know I’m reviving an old thread, but I thought I’d mention that John De Carteret ‘s method posted above worked great! If like many of us you’re looking for a film scanner to plow through all those boxes of old slides and negatives, you’ll soon nikon coolscan iii just how big a problem dust and scratches are.

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Nikon Coolscan III, how can I make it work with Windows 7? | Photography Forums

nokon I installed a Virtual PC edition or windows xp inside windows 7. We personally tend to prefer the results obtained with the collimated lighting, but recognize that others may not. The item may be missing the original packaging such as the nikon coolscan iii box nikon coolscan iii bag or tags or in the original packaging but not sealed.

Speedy scanning The Nikon CoolScan scanners are both quite fast, advertising a 20 second minimum scan time.