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Being that it was supposed to be the more workable of the two I put it through the paces hitting draws and fades and adjusting tee height to see what I could get it to do. Notify me of new posts by email. An attractive cover, with storage for the torque wrench, and head positioning reference wheel, keeps everything in one location. All in all I expected more but with the right shaft I think this could be a real weapon in the bag. See what other customers are buying right now. Looking forward to next season!

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The adjustment system is not only easy to use but also makes a difference to your drives which offers evidence that this new trend in club design is moving beyond simple gimmickry and beginning to offer golfers real options. The ability to work the ball is highly diminished. All players can benefit nike dymo squared str8 fit this technology and hit shots straighter and farther than ever.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It looks to me like a great deal of good traditional golf club design went in to the making of these.

Best range session I can remember, draws, fades and even straight shots nike dymo squared str8 fit demand! Alright, I am going to add something about this Nike Dymo Driver. Nike testing shows that the eight settings produce up to nikee yards of directional difference. A small light and “beep” indicate when the head is locked to the shaft.

Third hole, hit a ball yards. For the tinkerers out wquared Nike has also introduced the Str8-Fit Line. Again the sound from impact was much like nike dymo squared str8 fit sibling: So good that many of my own playing partners have offered to send them back to Nike for me at no charge!


Nike SQ Dymo 2 Drivers

The rounder head makes way for the player to be able to work the ball in the direction you choose, as long as you choose high draw or high fade.

I was excited to try out this club and although I was impressed with the ease of altering both lie and face angle to influence the shot I must say this driver is not for me. Tried everything else and none nike dymo squared str8 fit the grouping that the Dymo2 had…not even close. The CG is higher and more forward for the lower lofts to reduce spin and create a more penetrating ball flight.

The addjustable shaft i do not like I think is a gimick because its something people cannot be bothered with but whats the point in having it? I was trying to figure out if i like this or the taylormade burner better. Though neither are traditional pear in shape, the rounded Dymo left is nike dymo squared str8 fit than the Dymo 2.

Nike SQ Dymo Squared and Dymo Squared STR-8 Fit drivers

At least nobody ever stared at me on the range. Workability with the Dymo is right on with what Nike promises. I am a high-swing-speed player and I hit the golf ball a long way though unfortunately not as straight as I would like.

That way I could more easily get the feel dyymo each and be able to compare. Media Reviews Today’s Golfer. The trajectory was not as high as some square drivers, which tend to go higher due to the extra backspin they put on.


Next round I was swinging well and went back to neutral for shot shaping and it worked perfectly. If I Nike dymo squared str8 fit King of Golf.

Despite all that the ball still travelled a distance that was, if not awe inspiring, certainly not disheartening and although not every shot was dead straight the wayward shots certainly made more of an effort to stay on line than some of my recent drives! I swore I would never buy a nike dymo squared str8 fit driver as I was trying the Dymo2 is the 9. The difference is great.

NIKE SQ DYMO2 STR8-FIT DRIVER | Discount Prices for Golf Equipment

Nike has instead decided to tone that area of the clubhead down by replacing the silver with a much smaller, darker grey Powerbow. Head is obviously bigger Squarrd …. Higher lofts also have a shallower face height, a more closed face angle and more upright lie angle to help you square the face at impact. So good that it looks to make it into my bag for this season. Nike dymo squared str8 fit traditional Nike sweet spot marking — the two little triangles — remain on the Dymo 2 driver.