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Best of all, the mouse is optical so you’re going to get smooth movements with high levels of accuracy. Sadly, the guts of the mouse are quite different and I was unable to change its “clothes”. Aus PC Market don’t sell these products any more click here to see their current mouse-related products , but you can still try a price search at DealTime! Saitek Touch Force Optical. Inside Wondering what the heck a high-fidelity Inertial Harmonic Drive engine looks like? It’s not as if the mouse bucks in your hand like an arcade-game light gun, though. How is it in games?

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Now unplug your controller, reinsert it logitefh the forces should now work. Do not install “Microsoft Active Accessibility”, click the “cancel” button or the “ignore” button. At logitech ifeel mouse the irridescent blue color sort-of matches the IBM-Blue of the logos on the computer case.

Logitech iFeel mouses

This was a store-shelf attention-grabber logitech ifeel mouse Logitech used logitech ifeel mouse several models of their mice circa Reminds me amBX – with the force feedback wrist wrest. Immersion, who is the leader in force feedback technology by the way, has incorporated their TouchSense technology into a new generation of mice.

I have its identical looking cousin, the BD58, sitting right here next to me, connected to my retro-tester PC. Mpuse use Immersion ‘s TouchSense technology, that’s what they do.


Optimized for iFeelPixel software. I had better luck with this one. If you’re shopping for a mouse for yourself, though, you can get cheaper Logitech models that do the exact same thing, without the weird force feedback frills. But when it did work, it was logitech ifeel mouse damn cool.

In addition to their tactile capabilities, the mice also function as standard high-performance optical mice. Logitech ifeel mouse, unless you’re left-handed and it’s the MouseMan, in which case you can swing it around on its cable and lfeel the gift-giver with it until they give you something better.

If there are any errors reported on these icons by exclamation logitech ifeel mouse or red X’s, highlight these icons and click the “Remove” button. I have also created a page about my findings with this mouse at: Give Dan some money!

If you are experiencing no force feedback or rumble effects with your product when you have installed the Vista drivers then please do the logitech ifeel mouse to get the forces working again. Click on “Start”, “Settings”, then “Control Panel”.

Please use a more current browser to view our site. Logitech’s interface products include Internet video cameras; input and pointing devices such as corded and cordless mice, keyboards and optical logitech ifeel mouse multimedia speakers; and interactive gaming products such as joysticks, gamepads and racing systems. Reply with quote Re: Every input, from the triggers to the trackpads, can offer haptic feedback to your fingertips, delivering vital, high-bandwidth, tactile feedback about speed, boundaries, thresholds, textures, or actions.


Still, the iFeel mouse does add a lot to the experience. With separate “Texture”, “Pop” and “Impulse” settings for logitech ifeel mouse, and what I can only describe as If you logitech ifeel mouse see perfectly well, I can think of no rational reason for you to buy one of these things. It’s almost the same damn thing, just a bit heavier. How to configure those Extra Mouse Buttons. When you can get it to work right. I think this is where the confusion regarding the sensors on these mice originates.

Logitech ifeel mouse Force Feedback Mouse Package. What are your impressions, viewed with modern year eyes?

Logitech’s iFeel™ Optical Mice Add a New Dimension to the Human-Computer Interface

Where can the required drivers be acquired? If your iFeel mouse does not function, or does not provide feedback support, please try the following: Once these icons have been removed, click the “Refresh” button and allow Windows to ,ogitech logitech ifeel mouse pointing device.

Logitech ifeel mouse Start, type regedit into the program window at the bottom and then press Enter.