By clicking the main mail box, unsubscribed from the folder, press apply, subscribed to the folder, press apply and the forced a read, everything loaded up. In this scenario, the value of the Birthday or Anniversary field may appear incorrect in the table view. Thanks a lot, step 2 and step 3 helped me resolve my sync problem, atleast for now sync has started. Additionally, see more information about how to download Microsoft support files. Could you clarify what error messages you are getting? Please help me with advanced troubleshooting, as I have already tried basic steps such as:

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How come the email below which is really my issue is considered acceptable and mine is not? I’ve read all the answers but i couldnt find anyone having problems with android. It appears to be fine now. New laptop and installed outlook and my first problem was not synching or allowing to delete an email from the inbox and the 2nd problem was not pulling in new emails.

Receive e-mail messages from a POP3-IMAP server

Using Outlook in Office with Windows 8. However, after setting up my Outlook as specified on the Comcast support website found here http: Hello Chris, As the fix seems to be on the MS side of things, they are the ones who would have any information for a patch.

NOW the issue, if I go farther down in my messages, and delete a couple, the cursor jumps back up to the top of the stack, and Outlook syncs for awhile. I hope this helps to answer your question, please updzte us know if you require any further assistance. Hello Paige, Sorry for the Outlook problems, but the issue is related to your computer and the email client behavior possibly settings.

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January 8, 2015 update for Outlook 2010 (KB2878264)

This may help to display the missing Sent folder you are describing. United States – English.

File Information This update contains the files that are listed in the following tables. Windows 8 Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search. However setting the Inbox as the root completely screwed things up for me so I would urge CAUTION if tyring this one – my subscribed folders disappeared from the folder list and wouldnt return if I remove the Inbox as the root folder.

Unfortunately, there’s no way that I can look directly at your configuration so your best options would be to either look very carefully at your Outlook configuration, or remove the mail account from Outlook, and re-create it to ensure all settings are set up correctly.

If so, that device can pull the email from the server and no other device will see it. We need a little more information so that we can try to help troubleshoot the problem that you’re having. If you have a lot of emails stored in IMAP, it can cause delays.

Unchecking the box as shown in this article should not affect any of your messages on the server itself.

Hello Ehab, It sounds like you might have a local firewall that is preventing you from being able imapl access your mail. If that doesn’t work, try fully uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook.

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When it first did this, I emailed my Yahoo mail to see if it would send email, and it did. Sorry for the problem with Outlook. If you are having setup issues where the 15 is not connecting, then you should be double-checking the IMAP settings that are used to connect to the mail server. Generally, when updage kind of problems occur it is a settings issue.

If you require further assistance, please provide us a domain name and the steps duplicate the problem so that we may investigate the issue further. You do not have permission to .15 this calendar Current hard drive is too small for your current usage This was a most vexing problem for me, and I just want to say that the Disable the “Show only subscribed folders” option in Outlook solution in this thread is what solved it for me.

Mailspring – The best free email app

Both PC and laptop are Windows 8. How to download and install the update. Thank you very much! If impai email is hosted on our servers, we would need to know your specific account information to troubleshoot.

I know they exist because I can search for topics and see the emails in them.

Hello – I’m not able to receive nor send email in my computer and in my phone i only receive emails not send.