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Where in energy drink the chief element is caffeine in sports drink the chief element is the concentration of salt and sugar. While developing our product we have given huge emphasize on taste. We have plan to use plastic bottles and cans. To attract customer we will offer the minimum price for the proposed product. How we will compete with them that discussed in Part 2-Marketing Strategy. Because it is a non durable goods and drink item so there wiil be no warranty of this product for the general customers. Indirect Competitor Market Share 1.

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The list of these brands are given in the next page with the name of the respected company. Necessary Customization of the Product: After that if it is possible and market favors us then we attack Favorable and Strong mineral water brands. Where there is a strong role of personal factors.

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By keeping this segmentation of consumers we have developed our sports drinks Conversion Model: So in our marketing we have plan to convince the opinion leaders, different sporting clubs APPENDIX 3 and other influencers who will help us to sell our product. So we will do the same. But in Bangladesh general people do not know the differences and think that sports drinks and energy drinks are kind of same.

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After all calculation our target customer is more or less than urban people who consume liter water including other beverages. There are 3 of basic price-ranges: Here we use the repetition method to seek the attention of general consumers. We will try to make it attractive.

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On the basis of that marketer can have idea that how much he can spend for marketing and how much the company can produce to capture the target market. We have plans to do so. That is why we will give emphasize on the shape and the color rfd the bottle or can, plastic paper and labelling.

It does not stimulate body like energy drinks. A stated purpose of sports drinks, which provide many calories of energy from sugars, is to improve performance and endurance. For that we can renovate an important play ground in the city or give financial support to a famous poor sportsman or beautify the road side of a city.

There are some similarities between energy drink and sports drink. In plastic bottle for labeling we use a plastic paper and fix it on the bottle in rolled way.

A big part of them are involved in different kinds of sports. Labor or mainly rickshaw pullers now a days buy energy drinks.


After launching the product from March we will start our sales promotion. At initial stage we have plan to launch our product only in urban areas. On that there will be graphical figure.

It does not matter it is summer or winter the used to people purchase anytime a bottle or can rde energy drink. So from the company it is a upmarket stretch. Threat of new entrants New sports drink can be launched in the market.

Financial constraints have confined the coverage of our research. Bexco Concern Frutika 3.

The Red Bull Editions

Partex Beverage Mum 2. In other side by keeping this wrong perception about energy drinks the people who has unwholesome need about alcohol they buy energy drinks secretly it happens in small towns and villages.

On the price point and the taste we will try to position our product. Even it is happening in rural areas of Bangladesh. Bexco Concern Speed 3. A grown up male needs to drink daily 3 to 4 liter water.