F 6 Remove the 2 screws [1], and open the developing assembly fixing arm [2]. The DC reverse bias is used to remove the residual toner from the secondary transfer roller; its application will cause the residual toner on the secondary transfer roller to be attracted to the ITB for collection to the waste toner bottle by the work of the ITB cleaner. As shown in the figure, be sure to remove the screw on the protrusion [4] of the drum stop only after matching it against the notch [5] in the drum flange. F At the font, hold the photosensitive drum shaft [1], and lift the drum; then, place it on the level area of the heat process unit front plate. Chapter 3 F [1] period used to stabilize rotation [2] preparation for development [3] transfer to paper [4] cleaning of the secondary transfer outside roller [5] pickup from the right deck reading: OFF use it to set the line setting to dial pulse.

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F After the check, be sure that the breaker switch has shifted fully to the ON side.

DF Glass Retainer, Edge Guide Wipe the DF glass retainer [1] and the edge guide [2] using a cloth moistened with water or solution of mild detergent printer//scanner wrung ; thereafter, dry wipe them with a soft cloth. Chapter 2 – Do not turn off the power switch while the machine is in operation.

Chapter 2 machine during relocation. DC The primary transfer bias is used to transfer the toner image on the photosensitive drum to the ITB, and is applied to the primary transfer roller. F Advise the user to store away the screw used to fix the scanner system in plate.

imageRUNNER C6800 Parts and Service Manual

If not, go through the following: Chapter 5 F 311f/191f Disconnect the connector [1], and detach the scanner motor [2]. Chapter 1 unit: Apply blade lubricant TKN along the edge shaded; coming into contact with the photosensitive drum of the cleaning blade. The fine particle of toner under the blade edge can put the blade out of alignment, allowing toner on the photosensitive drum to remain on the drum in the form of residual toner.


Check to be sure that the 2 adjusters on the bottom plate of the machine are released; moreover, be sure not to lose them, as they tend to slip out because of the movement of the [1]. When detaching the black developing assembly, be sure to work with the highvoltage cable kept at the top of the assembly so that its connector will not damage the surface of the photosensitive drum.

These biases are generated by the high-voltage PCBs 2 and 3 according to the instructions of the DC controller, and are applied to their respective loads primary transfer roller, primary transfer static eliminator, secondary transfer outside roller. Chapter 7 3 Toner stirring plate 2 4 Developing cylinder 5 Toner colleting roller M3: Be sure to turn the 2 adjusters front found on the bottom of the machine clockwise to release them.

Result of measurement Result of detection A B no no original absent yes no original present no yes original present yes yes original present Near 4 mm Near 13 mm 1A: F 6 Fit the Y toner cartridge [2] through the color toner cartridge slot [1].

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Be sure to wipe off any such toner. F [1][2] [1] [1] [2] [2][1] [3].

Description IC9 controls the processing of devepop coming from IC12 for output to the printer. The machine s laser unit is not designed for servicing in the field. Chapter 4 F 3 Remove the 9 screws [1] used to fix the main controller box in place.


Use the links on this page to download the latest version of Develop F scanner drivers. There are as many as 6 points at which the rotary stops: The FG signal is a detection signal used to roughly adjust the scanner motor speed, and it is used at power-on or during last rotation. Also, take full care not to damage the surface.

The DC controller drives the secondary transfer outside roller shift motor M20 to move the roller at the following timing of operation: Digital Image Processing F 5. The drum stop tool is attached to the back of the process unit cover.

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Chapter 2 F 26 Fix the process unit cover [1] in place using the 2 RS tightening screws M4x8 [2]. F If the machine is equipped with a side paper deck, be sure to remove the 2 screws [1] and detach the latch plate front [2] to prevent damage to the surface of th front cover when the cover is released.

F [1] [2] [1] [2] [2] [3] [1] [2]. F 2 Loosen the gdk [2] used to fix the torque limiter [1] of the developing rotary in place; then, slide the limiter downward. On the outside of the glass tube, 2 electrodes are arranged in parallel with the tube; the inside of the tube, on the pritner/scanner hand, is coated with fluorescent material. Chapter 5 F 4 Bend up the edge of the rubber cover [1], and remove the screws 2 printer/svanner.