I replay in my MPC and there Skip to main content. In short fnac assured me it was a good product Write a user review Ask for a user review. Since the updates are useless.

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But it doesn’t matter, as the device still works, and it simply seems like the LED itself is supposed to be controlled by the driver EDIT: Great for time shifting radio programs. Im currently getting sound from all 5.

Creative Live 24-bit External USB Sound Card SB0490

Your music will never have sounded better and you’ll even be able to convert your old tapes or vinyl to digital audio. It seems like a lot of people have severe issues with frame rate changes if any kind of device sits between their TV and Shield.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Blue power LED Volume knob it’s digital, and kills the audio bitstream. In short she told me happily busy Even being well versed with the listening that provided the sound card, though there is what we hear at the end we arrive with a delay of up to ms in 3 minutes. In addition, I also noticed a big shift for creative sound blaster live 24-bit external business applications of the type Adobe After Effects or Adobe Audition.


Since I bought an E-MUand I am satisfied withdB of noise completely inaudible, despite a few professional audio system the power supplies are missing cable jack. I’m guessing there might be some driver issue after the device has gone out of standby mode.

Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit External – sound card 70SB049000001

Creative External Sound Cards. The most regrettable and the offset and the noise of the input line. I have not tried other models before.

You need to reboot the Shield to fix. Show More Show Less.

It was installed on my PC without problem Connectivity of the external sound card: Haaaa I listen the sound is good. Everthing was great except there were no docs. Thank you for posting this hardware suggestion! What is good with this card is that it moves quickly, but more suited creative sound blaster live 24-bit external the Multimedia PC with a remote control and connection.

Creative Sound Blaster Live! bit External Specs – CNET

What is a set of car? I tried 5 different HDMI splitters and swiches, and they all had the same problem. Not satisfied with those reviews? I’ve been looking for something like this for my Logitech X 5. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Haaa the customer is king when he bought I then creative sound blaster live 24-bit external to make CDs.


Finally your games will come alive while you’re also immersed in 5. Plantronics DA 40 – sound card Creative sound blaster live 24-bit external 1. Can record a microphone or the feed from a mixer. But when I started voice recording with good equipment behind in preamp and voice processingI noticed that I coulddB of ambient noise.

I do not demotivating! It’s one of my most precious computer gadgets because of this important feature, to be honest.