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This interfaces the speaker output with the near-saturated thermionic tube conditions and creates the undeniable and authentic ‘all tube’ sound. Don’t condemn this flexibility to spell unfitness for serious audiophile adventures. As with the Holy Grail, it was never to be found. Long sessions are no longer a balancing act of time versus ear ringing. The amp may be left on continuously or switched via internal relay as desired by the customer. The Purse As far as logic goes, the prosecution has a point. Tubes used in this manner have an almost unlimited life expectancy, on par with the other active components in the circuitry.

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Just think of all the possible ways to distort ’em. The problem is Butler audio tube am neurotic as hell and the option of tube rolling was setting my OCD off like crazy. The central rocker switch selects the desired mode of operation. I scoured the Internet and found a new Butler for sale at butler audio tube dealer. The only question that butler audio tube for yours truly was whether this novelty was a sonically good thing or not.

Allows for 5 channels x w or more in a single chassis butler audio tube in our 48 lb. The Quads were placed 12′ out from the rear wall and about 5′ from the side walls.

When you ran your article about the capacitor upgrade from Butler audio tube Canto, I was the first person to return their amp and have it upgraded. Leave it to a reviewer to mess up such basics, connect an amp to two speakers and then tell it to run in mono. The Butler stomped the Rowlands in no uncertain terms. No matter what, color me impressed that the Butler tolerated this stupidity on my part without apparent ill will and went on pulling duty like the proverbial work horse, without complaints but utter reliability.


The results are sonically pleasing but MOSFETs are not tubes and have a lot of problems with biasing, especially in an open-ended configuration. I was perusing the Asylum butler audio tube day and read about someone comparing a pair of Rowland s to his recently inherited Butler TDB It simply seems to be what remains visible inside a tube when you turn off the usual high voltages.

The words Quad and dynamic range simply do not belong in the same sentence. High quality lower-voltage-rated supporting components may generally be used resistors, capacitors, diodes etc. I began to look at amplification as a potential source of this hardness.

My son or daughterlet me remind you of a simple fact. Pure thermionic operation requires only the heating of the cathode. These questions are all best answered by the butler who would be master. The other condition he emphasizes is that the tubes must be interfaced directly with the speakers.

6moons audio reviews: Butler Audio TDB

All in all, it is a ‘pro tool’ type of control that each player can set to their own subjective taste. Magnepans butle not butler audio tube option as I tend not to listen tremendously loud the majority of the audip, and I do like to hear musical detail and textures. Butler audio tube, an added benefit to the thermionic discovery is that the tubes are carefully balanced with each other to create desirable output auto-biasing for open-loop operation.


It is 42′ long, an irregular 16′ to 19′ wide with 9′ ceilings. The Butler simply causes me no problems no matter how fube or long I play.

Butler Audio Tube Driver with Bias Knob

Starting init took more than a year butler audio tube non-stop Edison-type trial and error work. Login Create an account. Comparing the two amps is surprisingly simple. Long sessions are no longer a balancing act of time versus ear ringing.

Most players find a ‘sweet spot’ about 2: Technically it varies the electrical ‘strength’ of the tube and that affects gain, texture and butler audio tube. His Tube Driver Blue has also found its way into upscale car audio.

Avantgardes so muchbut Yube wanted to keep the best aspects of planars. The eerie blue emanations butler audio tube the tubes and their very cool operation without any of the typical orange glow and heat aren’t a cheap blue LED trick that’s played upon our collective need to believe in the sanctity of white papers.

The midrange opened up and now floats images in midair between the speakers. What started off as simply another butler audio tube review had, with the appearance of this whitiest of papers, turned into something else – my first taste of what appears to be a aufio novel implementation of tubes in consumer audio.